By: Stephen Martinez

Killswitch’s previous album, Disarm The Descent was released in 2013 and the biggest news surrounding that was the return of original vocalist, Jesse Leach.

Leach left the band in back in 2002 due to personal reasons and he felt he couldn’t control his voice as well as he would like. In an interview with Metal Hammer, Leach explained his reasoning saying, “When I left Killswitch, there was definitely something wrong with my head. I was dealing with depression. At that time it was a pretty low down feeling of being alienated, just sort of not being prepared mentally for a life on the road.” Leach also revealed “I was having trouble with my voice and how to use it properly. I was struggling to maintain it.” Leach returned to the band permanently in 2012 and after a year of touring the band decided to hit the studio and record Disarm The Descent.

Three years after touring for that album, Killswitch has come out with their seventh studio album Incarnate which was released on March 11, 2016. Incarnate features many tracks like Disarm The Descent with harsh vocals from Leach, and sweet melodic riffs from guitarists Joel Stroetzel and Adam Dutkiewicz.

Incarnate has 15 songs including the opening song “Alone I Stand” that takes a minute to get started and kicks in with intense, fast guitar riffs and harsh vocals. There is a catchiness factor within the melodic chorus. The album also features the song “Hate by Design” which fits well within Killswitch’s style by switching slower accessible riffs and vocals to faster intense and harsh vocals with a catchy chorus that is sung.

Overall Incarnate is a great follow up to Disarm the Descent and provides all sorts of heavy riffs and breakdowns to mosh to. Also, March 16 will kick off a 46 show tour spreading across the U.S. with one of those dates being set April 4 in Portland at the Roseland Theater; tickets are $25 for general admission.