By: Ariane Cracolice

Stop what you’re doing. Attack On Titan has been delayed. If you’re an anime fan like me, then your heart might have broken into microscopic pieces when you heard the news that Season Two of one of our favorite Japanese animes is to be delayed.

For those who don’t know what Attack On Titan is, anime fans everywhere may be looking down on you. Just joking! Attack On Titan is a successful Japanese show based off of the popular Attack On Titan manga. The anime focuses on man-eating Titans who appeared roughly a century prior to the pilot episode.

Titans are giant humanoid monsters that feast upon people, appearing anywhere from five meters to 60 meters tall. They are bipedal monsters, having the same amount and arrangement of limbs, fingers, toes, eyes, etcetera, which gives them their famous humanoid appearance. Another would be their occasional abnormalities in proportion, or lack of skin or subcutaneous tissue. Titans also possess a proliferate amount of teeth, usually square, although some titans are said to possess only canines.

People have found sanctuary from these massive monsters behind nearly more massive stone walls that have stopped the giants in their tracks. The plot of both the show and the manga is presented when a colossus titan breaks through the first wall. The protagonist of the series, Eren Jaeger, watches as his mom is devoured by one of the titans that enters humanity’s sanctuary once the colossus titan breaks it down. Having always wanted to join the military and their fight against the ravenous titans, Eren enlists, along with his two childhood friends, Armin and Mikasa.

If you’ve been watching the show since it aired, then you have been waiting a long three years for the next season to take place. Congratulations! Now we get to wait some more! As of now, the manga is only two story arcs ahead from where the anime left off, and because the anime was so popular from running parallel to its manga counterpart, it looks like we’ll be waiting until they have another two story arcs completed.