By: Elijah Price

Five people were shot dead on 3/10/16 during a backyard cookout in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. The shootout also left three others hospitalized and the manhunt for the shooter is still ongoing as they haven’t found the culprit yet. “Right now, we are asking for anybody who heard or saw anything in the area to call (police),” said Allegheny County Police Lt. Andrew Schurman.

The first shots were heard at 11:00 in the evening from a near alley behind the house. Once the shots were heard, the people at the cookout began trying to escape, but as they were running away another person began shooting at them from a yard adjacent to the house.

Two people remain in critical condition. When the police arrived, four people were found dead and the fifth person, a woman, succumbed to her wounds in a nearby hospital. Authorities had said that three of the five people dead were siblings and the age range of the people was 25 to 37. There is no information so far on who the shooters were, why they did it, or where they went.