By: Skilar Anderson

Women gluing dead scorpions to their fingernails seems to be the latest and most bizarre beauty trend sweeping Latin America today. Woman all over have been flocking to Rocio’s Nail Parlor in Durango, Mexico after a video of the manicure went viral on Facebook. This new trend requires you to apply a tiny scorpion to the nail after it has been killed with bug spray and then encased in liquid acrylic.

This trend began in September when Lupita Garcia, a scorpion artisan and enthusiast, suggested to the staff at Rocio’s that they should try a scorpion themed manicure. Lupita said “Most people think scorpions are to be feared, but I think they are animals of real beauty. I’m always innovating new ways to make art out of scorpions, and this manicure has been my biggest hit.”

These insects grow to be just 1.5 inches in length, but their venom can kill an adult in 15-20 minutes and more than a thousand people were killed last year in the state of Durango by their deadly venom.  Lupita Garcia, the trendsetter herself, has survived multiple trips to the emergency room due to her passion for these deadly insects. Even though the insects used are less than a week old they are still highly venomous making this a unique, but dangerous  procedure.