By: Anthony Stotsenberg

SPRINGFIELD- The local city council proposed a ban on streetside panhandling. The ban would be on transferring of goods on the public roadways. The ban could be in place to discourage panhandling and help reduce traffic problems.

The ban on panhandling would affect the drivers in Springfield that would have given money or property to the panhandlers. With the ban there could be up to a $50 fine for transferring funds or property while in the car. The ban could help a few of the traffic problems that Springfield has with the panhandlers, like traffic jams.

On monday most all of the city council member support the idea of this panhandle ban but there were many speakers that disagreed with the ban. Some student at North Eugene disagree with the ban. Stephen Fields said “it’s you and the homeless so it should not be their [the government] business.”

The ban would only affect the motorist and not the panhandlers because asking for money, food or any goods is part of our right for free speech. So that means only the motorist can be found breaking law if the ban is put in place but the panhandlers would not be breaking the law in any way. So next time you might want to reconsider handing out goods to the beggar on the side of the road because in springfield it could cost you soon.