By: Raul Estrada

When most people see those guys in their loud cars zooming through the streets they think car guys are mean. How would you feel if someone came and messed up something that means much to you because you’ve put so much time into it? They just don’t want anyone messing up their rides because they most likely have put lots of time into it. If you ask to see their ride, I found out that car guys are really nice and enjoy talking to other people about their cars and share a couple of stories on how they’ve put their rides together. Car meets are often portrayed as you’ve seen in movies just a bunch of guys breaking the laws. In reality car meets are a place where you can go and take your car and bond with other car enthusiasts and share stories about your cars.

Truck guys like their trucks low and car guys are the opposite; they like their rides as low to the ground as possible for a nice smooth ride. There are many nice tuner cars at North Eugene like a 12th grader Sean White who has a black Mazda Miata that is lowered on coilovers which makes his car sit very low to the ground. I myself may at times drive my maroon 1994 Honda Civic Ex to school with a loud exhaust which is lowered to the ground on some aftermarket coilovers. I enjoy taking it to any kind of meets because I just enjoys the friendly environment that there is at car meets. Another car you may have seen is a red Subaru with a black rims that has a very nice exhaust and is often very loud. There are other cars at North that are tuners, but these are just a few out of the bunch that stood out because you may have heard their loud exhaust as they leave campus.