By: Elijah Price

North Korea has claimed that they have miniaturized nuclear warheads to fit on ballistic missiles. This most recent report has come after North Korea claimed in February of a successful hydrogen bomb test. State media reported Wednesday that Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader, had met with nuclear scientists who briefed him on research that could tip ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.

Karl Dewey, who works with IHS (International Handling Services) Jane’s, a military, security and intelligence analysis organization, says that North Korea has seemed to fit something of a silver sphere into a KN­08 ballistic missile. “It is possible that the silver sphere is a simple atomic bomb. But it is not a hydrogen bomb, also known as a thermonuclear bomb,” said Karl Dewey, explaining that a thermonuclear device would probably be shaped differently because it has two stages.

Even though there are concerns about North Korea’s advancement in Nuclear technology, so far there is no concern that they can launch anything onto U.S. soil. “They don’t have a proven ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) capability and a warhead that could survive re-­entry as I understand it,” said Bonnie Glaser, who is the senior adviser for Asia at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.