By: Skilar Anderson

The newest iPhone won’t be released until fall of 2016 and although that is months away, rumors are already coming out about its new features. Apple hasn’t officially released any information yet, but that doesn’t stop the rumors and speculations.

Some new features we might be seeing include no headphone jack in order to make a skinnier model, better battery life, 3D touch technology, more storage space, higher screen resolution, an edge to edge screen, and possible wireless charging. The new model is also rumored to be made out of a more durable material.

As Apple continues to make more and more improvements with iPhones, not all customers agree. One of the biggest rumors about the iPhone 7 is that the headphone jack will be removed and will instead have headphones connect through the Lightning Port, Bluetooth, or an adapter. For some this change may be difficult since it will make some users forced to buy new ones or find an adapter for their old headphones. For some this new feature is exciting. Matt Meir, a senior NEHS student said “I think removing the headjack is a good idea. Cordless headphones will be a lot easier because they won’t get tangled and they will be easy to keep on you.”