By: Cassie Ericson

NASA has discovered that Pluto has mountains of frozen water. The water is mixed with Methane, carbon monoxide and nitrogen. Using infrared pictures, NASA can see how much ice is actually on pluto using the color blue.

According to the picture, Sputnik Planum is an icy glacier that is made out of nitrogen ice, methane ice and carbon monoxide. Lowell Region is a small part on the planet that isn’t covered in water or ice, but scientist have not yet figured out why this section of pluto is so bare. Scientist claim that water ice on pluto is the equivalent of rock here on earth. What scientist used to do to see the water on pluto involved comparing Pluto’s spectral signature with a spectral template of nothing but water ice.

The only thing that was stopping them from finding what they recently found was that the water on pluto is mixed with methane, nitrogen and carbon monoxide which hid the water from their cameras. Many people are curious if astronauts will be able to bring back water from Pluto but unfortunately the answer is no, for now. Until we are able to create a spaceship that can get us to pluto fast, we won’t be able to bring enough food for us to eat. It would take many years for us to even get to Pluto’s neighborhood. Pluto is not going to be considered an actual planet still and will continue on as the Dwarf Planet.