By: Stephen Martinez

Fender is one of the most well known guitar companies in the world. It’s mostly known for its Stratocaster model. The Stratocaster model has been played by many famous guitar players such as Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Lennon. Fender dates back to 1946 when it was founded and has always been on the guitar players radar. Schecter Guitar Research was founded 30 years later in 1976 and produces quality guitars which which has been played by many famous musicians such as Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance from Avenged Sevenfold, Randy Weizel from In This Moment, and Nikki Sixx from Sixx A.M. and Mötley Crüe. So, what’s the difference?

Besides from being founded 30 years later, Schecter Guitar Research isn’t as well known as Fender. Schecter, in the guitar industry, is still a pretty new company. When you look back in history at all the great guitar players and bands, you either see the name Gibson or Fender. You’d never find a Schecter. Schecter has many artists playing their instruments, but it’s more common in the new bands or bands that have come about in this generation. They share some similarities though. Fender was one of the first guitar company to make the “Stratocaster” body styles, and that is one of the main body styles that Schecter goes with when designing their guitars. Differences are that the Fender Stratocaster is a 22 fret guitar whereas most Schecter models are 24 fret guitars.  Also, most Strats have three single coil pickups with a five way toggle switch, and Schecters usually come equipped with two humbucker (double coil pickups) and have a three way toggle.

The main difference that has been noticed is that Fender guitars are used in more of a specific genre of music than Schecters are used in. Fenders seem to be more useful in playing music such as, country, blues, and in soft or classic rock, whereas you’ll notice more of Schecters guitars in more of the Metal scene. Needless to say, that shouldn’t affect you on what guitar you should buy if you’re looking into that. Fenders and Schecters can range anywhere from $100-$2,000 depending on what models you’re looking at and what specific specs you want on your guitar. So, Schecter or Fender? You be the judge of that.