By: Anthony Stotsenberg

“No regrets” says the 23 year old man who posed as a high school student and attended a Pennsylvania high school. Author Samarin was from Ukraine and with the help of his parents and grandparents got the money to come to America in search of a better future. The life he had lived in Ukraine was not as bright as his future here in America.

He did very well in school with a very impressive grade point average of 4.16. He was in the National Honor Society and was a lieutenant in the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. He did so well due in part because he completed high school and two years of college in his home country before starting here.

He was caught due to a relationship he had with a 15 year old female student that led to investigators finding out his real identity. He has been charged with the sexual assault and corruption of a minor, identity theft, tampering with public records, and multiple counts of conspiracy. His dreams for a better life landed him in Dauphin County Prison with $20,000 bond.

The police caught him with the help of the FBI, the Ukrainian Embassy and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Because he didn’t act alone, other arrests are likely. The married couple that he lived with may also be charged. The couple helped Samarin with getting his driver’s license and social security card.