By: Cassie Ericson

Gerald Gillum or more commonly known for his stage name G Eazy, is now finally starting to get a lot of hype. Opening for major rappers like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg, G Eazy continuously works hard on his music to become a well known rapper. G Eazy studied at Loyola Music Industry Program which has the goal of teaching that passion and persistence can eventually lead to a rewarding career.

G Eazy has produced the three albums Must be Nice, These Things Happen and his most recent one, When It’s Dark Out. His song “Almost Famous” is referring to his many years of hard work and no recognition for it. In the song he says “They say I’m next to get it, they bring my name up last. And while I made a splash, rappers came and passed, but still I ask myself, how long does famous last?”

People turned him down but he kept at it and eventually people started hearing him and going to his concerts and following him on tour. Over the years more and more people have been hearing his music and more have been loving it. The “almost famous” rapper has captured audiences attention and is no longer “almost famous” but is undoubtedly famous.