By: Stephen Martinez

Cellphones are one of the most common things that adults and teenagers carry on a daily basis. They are a handy thing to have whether you need to send someone a message, calculate an equation, or if you are bored and are looking to waste time scrolling on Facebook. Even though they have many benefits they also have some drawbacks such as potentially being distracting, and time consuming. Everyday there are students roaming the halls on their phones either in high schools or middle schools just to pass the time and that is usually permitted by schools but should they be allowed in classrooms?

Most students would be ecstatic over the idea of a policy allowing cellphone use in the classroom but Heather Ahlstedt, a senior at North Eugene had a different view on this question. “It’s the teacher’s that are in the classroom giving the lessons to the students,” Ahlstedt said. “Whether or not a school wide policy is passed for allowing cell phones in classrooms, I believe that it should ultimately be up to the teacher to allow them or not.”

While the existing policy prohibits cellphone use in classrooms, some teachers may allow students to use their cell phones either for an activity or if there is some free time after the student has completed their work. With technology becoming a more and more common asset in our lives, we may see it become more acceptable to use cellphones in the classroom for activity purposes.

Personally I think that cellphones should be allowed for use in the classroom if they are used at the right times. Sending a quick text in the middle of a transition of a lesson, or when there is downtime is fine, but not when the teacher is in the middle of a lesson. Scrolling on Facebook in the middle of class and using cellphones irresponsibly is disrespectful and distracting to others around, cell phones have a place and time, and the classroom could potentially be one of those places if they are used at the right moment.