By: Cassie Ericson

Antonin Scalia died on February 13, 2016 of natural causes and now Obama must pick a new Supreme Court Justice. With Scalia’s death, the court has exactly four conservatives and four liberals making it balanced in the court. In 2007, Obama stated “I taught constitutional law for 10 years, and . . . when you look at what makes a great Supreme Court Justice, it’s not just the particular issue and how they rule, but it’s their conception of the Court.”

Some of the nominees that have been heard are Loretta Lynch, Pam Karlan and Paul Smith. Anyone Obama picks has to go through the Republican senate, so if Obama chooses a hard liberal they will almost certainly try to block it. Therefore, Obama has to be careful about who he chooses. He has to make sure that whoever he picks, the Republican controlled senate will be okay to let them be the new supreme court judge.