By: Brycen Brackett

Peyton Manning is arguably one of the greatest players of this generation. He is respected by almost every football fan. So for somebody as respected and idolized as he is to finish his career with a Super Bowl victory would truly be a storybook ending. Not many legends get to finish on top, and Peyton Manning has that opportunity.

Peyton Manning has had a great career, however this season was almost undisputably his worst season. He missed six games this season due to a torn plantar fascia and when he did play, he wasn’t great, only throwing nine touchdowns to 17 interceptions. For perspective, over his career he’s thrown 539 touchdowns to 251 interceptions. He is 39 years old, setting the record for being the oldest quarterback to start in a Super Bowl and also to win one. Now he has a big decision to make about whether to retire or not. Most fans agree that Peyton should retire so he doesn’t come back and get hurt again, only to struggle his way through another season.

Everybody wants the legend to leave an untarnished legacy, but with allegations of a sexual assault it looks like there may be nothing he can do about that. Within a few days of Peyton’s Super Bowl win, allegations of sexual assault surfaced after 20 years of silence. If you believe the allegations then it’s disappointing that the assault occurred, but relieving that the story is finally being talked about. If you don’t believe the allegations then it’s frustrating to see a legendary athlete’s legacy tarnished right as his career is coming to a close.