By: Anthony Stotsenberg

What is the future of 4G LTE high-speed mobile internet? AT&T and Verizon are looking into ways to make our mobile internet faster and soon we may have a speed faster and a generation newer than 4G which will be called 5G.

Verizon is leading the way and plans to release 5G in 2017. Other competitors are not far behind with AT&T planning to start testing 5G outdoors later this year and will begin lab test in the Spring. Market experts don’t believe the technology will be out until around 2018.

The speeds continue to get faster as the 3G, or third generation of mobile telecommunication, was replaced by the fourth generation of telecommunications or 4G. The new generation may be measured in gigabytes per second opposed to usual megabytes per second, or in layman terms one gigabyte is a 1000 megabytes so it would very much be faster.

This 5G internet could be the way of the future and make our mobile internet connection even better. 5G  would be good for businesses and the everyday consumer who are still not entirely satisfied with 4G mobile internet speeds. 5G is still in development, but it could be 10-100 times faster than the fastest 4G or 4G LTE mobile internet.

5G will make ultra high definition video, high definition music and 3D video easier and faster to stream. New smart phones that may consume a great deal of data will also be sped up and easier to operate in real time. With the introduction of the self-driving car and other large consumers of data, the network will have to be faster and 5G could help with that. Most high school students will like the change. North Eugene student Abel Enceil said, “I think It will make it (the internet) faster and better”.

It’s not just cell phone service providers that have to create new technology, but cell phone makers will also have to update their phones. Samsung, Huawei and Nokia are all on track to produce phones that will be 5G capable by 2020, which is a little late compared to Verizon’s planned release date of 2017. In the next few years, Apple may announce that the update of the latest iPhone may be 5G. With new phones and better network capacities that will come with 5G, we can speed up the lag time between the cell phones and internet connection.