By: Cassie Ericson

It’s the time where we, the people of America get to choose and vote for who we want to be our President. Someone who is honest, intelligent and good under pressure should be the next leader of this country. I support Ted Cruz throughout this election because I believe he is trustworthy, incredibly smart and is overall a guy I think all of us can count on.

People say that abortion is a topic that men don’t really have a say in. The women do, but Ted Cruz is right when he says they are killing a life that has a heartbeat. They say that the government can’t control what they want to do with their bodies, but what the government can do is control murder. A fetus begins to have a heart beat at around 5-6 weeks of pregnancy. If the baby has a heartbeat then that means the baby is alive. Therefore if you abort the child any time after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, you have killed a human baby that was alive and growing like any other human in this world. According to Health Topics, “most women have abortions in the first trimester (first 3 months of pregnancy). A few abortions occur in the second trimester (4-6 months of pregnancy).” Ted Cruz believes that a life is a life and it is murder when you kill a baby with a heartbeat.

Ted Cruz has a plan to end illegal immigration and it consist of three steps. Step one is to secure the border once and for all. That means having better security at the border and having trustworthy guards. Step two is to strengthen and actually enforce the laws we already have. We have been allowed to be lenient on these laws and it has cost us with having undocumented immigrants taking jobs. Step three is to pursue reforms to the legal-immigration system that will prioritize the interests and well being of Americans. This plan does not make Ted Cruz a racist, as this plan has led to people mistaking him for that. It’s in Ted Cruz’s best interest to keep America safe from dangerous terrorist groups like ISIS. If we secure the border and enforce the border laws it will keep America safe and give citizens a piece of mind.

Ted Cruz makes it a priority to remain standing with Israel because not only are they a strong and stable country, they are also our friend. Since Israel has always been our ally. We have American tax dollars going to an organization that are known terrorists. The organization is called C.A.I.R which gives money to Palestinians. They make missile launchers that are used to launch missiles into Israel and we know that, yet we still give them money. That is not how the American budget should be invested. Israel is a country that is similar to a democracy just like us. Don’t we want to be allies with a country that is similar to what we do? If he is president, Ted Cruz will make sure that we remain standing with Israel.
America has become very lenient with the rules and regulations with the Constitution, abortion and immigration. With Ted Cruz being our president, I believe he has the right kind of determination and passion to get America back to what it once was.