By: Raul Estrada

Saturday was one of the most exciting days of the NBA All Star Weekend. The day started off with a skills challenge where the top eight most talented players in the fundamentals went up against each other and dribble through an obstacle course which is timed. The top two went on to the championship round and whoever had the lowest time was named the Taco Bell’s NBA All Stars Skill Challenge Champion. The second event that took place on Saturday is the Foot Lockers Three Point Contest where eight of the most skilled athletes who have mastered the work of the three point shot compete. This years Three Point Contest was the first in a long time where three players had a tie in the first round to go onto the championship round. Two teammates who competed against each other were Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors.

The Biggest event that gets the most attention at the NBA All Star Weekend is the Verizon Wireless Slam Dunk Contest. The contest is the last event of the night like some would say save the best for last. The rules for the contest are they are allowed 60 seconds to do the best slam dunk they could do, and if they fail to do a successful dunk they are given the lowest score of sixes by the five elected judges. Four contestants go through two rounds and do one dunk at each one and try to get all tens from the judges. During the first round the crowd wasn’t into the event because there weren’t any spectacular dunks to get them hyped. Most thought that this year’s Dunk Contest was going to be a disappointment like the previous years.

That all changed when a man named Zach LaVine from the Minnesota Timberwolves came out and electrified the crowd with a spectacular dunk. Going into the second round, one of the contestants named Aaron Gordon from the Orlando Magic knew he had to come out with a bang if he wanted to go into the championship round. Aaron Gordon went out with the Orlando Magic mascot on a Hoverboard. He jumped over the mascot and as he was in the air he put the ball through his legs and finished the spectacular dunk. The crowd went wild at the sold out arena in Toronto, Canada.

The time had finally came it was time for the championship round it was between Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon. In the first round, the two contestants went out and got perfect scores for their dunks. Aaron Gordon jumped over a mascot and while pushing his legs up in the air, he put the ball under his legs and finishing off the powerful dunk. The crowd went nuts he hung and looked as if he were sitting on a chair in mid air. As soon as he made that powerful dunk, commentators and fans yelled out, “it’s all over.”

Then Zach LaVine did a dunk from the free throw line and got a perfect score as well. This year’s dunk contest was the first in a long time to have a tie so it went into overtime. They went out and did two more dunks until someone won and that was when Gordon received a 47 out of 50 on his third overtime dunk, and LaVine got another 50. Zach LaVine was crowned the winner of the 2016 Verizon Wireless NBA Dunk Contest.

Later on that night many celebrities and fellow athletes went off on social media saying one of the judges was “mad” and blamed the judge that’s why Aaron Gordon lost. There were lots of pictures on social media of Aaron Gordon doing his under-the-legs dunk and captioning the picture “how doesn’t this win the dunk contest?”