By: Cody Sackett

Marshawn Lynch, the former running back for the Seattle Seahawks, announced his retirement on February 7, 2016. Lynch has been talking about retiring for the past few seasons so people weren’t as surprised when he did. Marshawn didn’t officially announce that he was retiring, but he posted a picture on twitter of his cleats hanging from a power line with a peace emoji as its caption.

His retirement funds could be cut short five million dollars due to contract issues. In March of 2015, Lynch extended his contract with the Seahawks. The deal included 7.5 million dollars over the course of three years. This means if Lynch decides to officially leave, the Seahawks can take five million from Marshawn. The team doesn’t have to take the money from him unless they choose to. Many people are saying that Marshawn should be able to keep the money because he has helped the franchise so much that the money made from him is more than the five million he owes. Then on the other side of the debate, people are saying that he should return the money because he didn’t earn the money.

With Lynch only turning 30 in the off-season, many say he’s too young to retire. Marshawn has played nine full season: 3.5 years with the Buffalo Bills and 5.5 with the Seattle Seahawks. He has 9,112 career rushing yards and almost 2,000 receiving yards. Lynch has most likely secured himself a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. With Lynch having almost identical stats with hall of fame title holder Earl Campbell, his chances of entered into the hall of fame are even higher.