By: Skilar Anderson

Float therapy is a great way to escape from your daily stress in addition to being a natural way to heal and relax your body and mind. With this method of therapy, your body and mind can achieve calmness as if in deep meditation.

Float therapy was developed by John Lilly who was less interested in therapy, but rather in the effects of sensory deprivation on the human body and mind. Sensory deprivation is frequently used as an alternative medicine or as a form of relaxation.

A therapeutic session in an isolation tank typically lasts between an hour to an hour and a half. These tanks are filled with body temperature water that has had hundreds of pounds of epsom salt dissolved into it. This solution is so buoyant that it is almost impossible to not float. Within a few minutes into your float you lose the sensation of where your body stops and where the water begins.

After floating, most people sleep incredibly well and feel well rested with more energy for several days. The deep calming state allows you to recover from stress, relieve pain, stimulate blood flow through all the tissues, and releases natural endorphins. This is a great method for insomnia and stress treatment

If you are searching for ultimate relaxation, pain, and stress relief, mental clarity, and better overall health, look for a float center near you. Float Om is a local healing center in Eugene that provides float sessions. If you are interested in booking a float session, you can contacts Float Om at 541-632-3231.