By: Elijah Price

Last Sunday, Super Bowl Fifty happened and it featured two big teams, the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. The Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10. Someone who took it really hard was Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton.

During his postgame interview he was very short with the reporters delivering only one or two ­word answers and after about three minutes, he left the interview on what was somewhat of a sour note.

Newton was being called a sore loser by the media, but when watching theinterview you see the interviewers asking him questions such as “Can you put in words how bad losing feels?” and similar remarks.

When Newton talked about how the interview went he said “When you invest so much time and sacrifice so much and things don’t go as planned, I think emotions take over.” Newton hates losing more than a lot of people and after bad games, he tends to sit in their locker room for a half hour to an hour before speaking to the media.

When the Panthers Coach Ron Rivera was asked about Newton and losing he said, “He hates to lose, that’s the bottom line. I would much rather have a guy who hates losing than a guy who accepts it.”