By: Stephen Martinez

It has been about three months since Treyarch has released the much anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops III which has a lot of new aspects in the online multi-player that make it a completely different experience from past Call of Duty games.

The online multi-player game features nine different characters that each have their own two special abilities that you can use when you earn them. The nine specialists are: Ruin, Outrider, Nomad, Reaper, Spectre, Battery, Seraph, Firebreak, and Prophet.

There are 55 levels and 10 prestiges with 55 levels after that. There is also a master prestige with a level cap of 1000. The 1000 level master prestige is a new addition to this year’s game and it helps keep the player occupied with the game longer than in past Call of Duty games. The first DLC for Black Ops III was released in early February and has added four more maps including a redesigned “Hijacked” from Black Ops II called “Skyjacked.”

Treyarch continues  to add updates to the game frequently giving the player more things to unlock such as new weapons, camos, and outfits for the specialists. Black Ops III multi-player is one of the best in recent games in the Call of Duty franchise and is sure to keep the player that thrives to unlock items busy for many months to come.