By: Anthony Stotsenberg

Burger King, the second biggest fast food chain in the world is going to add two new food items to it’s menu. The new food items will be the beef hot dog and the chili cheese dog. This will be good for the hungry consumers and the Burger King chain itself. The release date for the new hot dogs and chili cheese dogs will be February 23, 2016.

Burger King has already tested the hot dog in five cities around the United States and is working to satisfy the consumer’s desire for the grilled hot dogs. Soon, the hot dogs will be available nationwide at most locations following staff training.

According to Burger King, these new menu items will require more work in the kitchen like cutting the onions differently and cooking the hot dogs on the grill. The Burger King teams will take around ten days to learn to master the way to cook their hot dogs. Burger King will show it’s employees an informational training video featuring Snoop Dogg to show them how to make the fresh hot dogs. Who better to teach the way of the hot dog than the hot “dogg” himself.

The rollout is really good news for the Kraft Heinz company that produces the condiments and provides them to all Burger King restaurants. These hot dogs will surely covered in condiments. The Kraft Heinz company is also owned by the group that owns a share of the Burger King franchise. This will mean the debut of more condiments because who doesn’t like a hog dog with some mustard, ketchup, and dill pickle relish.

The addition of other “innovative” new food items to fast food menus is not new. Carl’s Jr. added the Green Burrito in 2008.  McDonald’s added salad to their menu in 2005. Now in 2016, Burger King will soon have hot dogs.

North Eugene students tend to find the addition of hot dogs interesting. Haley Breedlove said, “it will make me go to Burger King more.”

Other students feel differently like Jumari Mackey who said, “It will take away from the initial background of the restaurant.”