By: Jenny Eastland

Planned Parenthood is an organization that offers a plethora of support pertaining to sexual health and focuses primarily on those that cannot afford a trip to another health care provider, due to the extremely high costs. They provide emotional support, STD testing, women’s wellness exams, affordable birth control, and serve as a source of information for staying healthy.

Recently it has been voted on that the federal government will no longer fund Planned Parenthood due to the fact that they offer abortion services to those who wish to have them. This decision is downright foolish because Planned Parenthood is so much more than just an abortion provider, as only 3% of what they do is provide this service. In fact, their most utilized service is STD testing and treatment. How could one deny support for an organization that offers such a variety of help to those in need?

In order to form opinions on this subject, just like anything else, we need to explore facts. The first step to preventing abortions is to offer accessible, affordable birth control. Planned Parenthood offers that. In fact, one of their sole purposes is to prevent unplanned pregnancies so no one even has to think about abortion as an option. In the year 2016, we now know for a fact that simply teaching abstinence is ineffective. People need options and people need information. When you take away funding for Planned Parenthood, you take away access to affordable birth control and you take away a woman’s ability to explore her options.

It is not an issue of whether or not you think abortion is okay. It is knowing that plenty of people in the United States cannot afford health care and go to Planned Parenthood for help. If you are against abortion being an option in the case of an unplanned pregnancy, vote to take funds away from that service only. Planned Parenthood is not synonymous to “Abortion Clinic.” It provides so many more services to men and women in need.

Be smart. Planned Parenthood is good.