By: Anthony Stotsenberg

The recent Powerball jackpot reached a record $1.5 billion. If you are one of the people who purchased the two dollar ticket for the tiny chance to win the $1.5 billion, you supported Oregon. For all the people who didn’t win and ended up paying for the “fun” chances, they’re left with a cheap piece of paper and a lost dream, but their money may do some good in the Oregon. As one North Eugene High School student asked, “Does it (Oregon Lottery) really helps our school?” and yes, it does.

The Oregon Lottery uses about 57% of the $34.4 million made annually for education which translates to around $19 million to help Oregon schools. The Powerball administration keeps about 16% of all the proceeds. The State of Oregon uses 15% of what they make or about five million of the lottery money for National Parks and helping Oregon waterways. 27% of the Oregon Lottery goes towards Oregon jobs and ecological development which equates to about a cool nine million a year.

Even if it’s a little late to win the $1.5 billion jackpot, the lottery money will still go to good places like Oregon schools and parks. The lottery jackpot is always a fun thing to dream about and the two dollar tickets gives us all the chance to fill our heads with day-dreams about how we would spend the money. North student Andrew Stolt shared how he would use the money: “Put the money in the bank and pay for college.”

Instead of thinking about what we should or could do with the money, the lottery decides where the money will go so that it does some good, but then again 1% of the lottery money does goes to gambling help.

Some North Eugene students have a bad idea about the lottery calling it “bull-(expletive).” The Oregon lottery also has more than just the national Powerball to help fund the lottery. In North Eugene high school, the lottery helps fund student’s educations by getting necessary resources.