By: Elijah Price

What seemed to be a blowout of a game between these two juggernaut teams during the first half, changed in the final stretch, but sadly for the Seahawks it wasn’t enough. The Panthers, which seemed like they were doing everything right during the first half with a thirty-one to zero lead, were ran over the whole second half. “We have to find a way to complete a full game of football,” said All-Pro Quarterback Cam Newton.

The first half looked great for Carolina; with the first run from Jonathan Stewart being a fifty-nine yard run before being tackled by Richard Sherman on the sixteen yardline and then three plays later Stewart scored the touchdown. Within the first three anda half minutes, the Carolina Panthers scored twice, one being from Stewart and then a defensive touchdown by Luke Kuechly after intercepting Wilson’s pass. The unstoppable scores by the Panthers continued after Stewart’s touchdown run from theone yard line. Later in the first half Wilson was yet again picked off, but the Panthers were stopped and could only kick a 48 yard field goal by Graham Gano, leading to a twenty-four to zero scored. The onslaught of scores ended after Greg Olsen had a spectacular catch in double coverage for a nineteen yard catch for a touchdown. End of the first have the score was Panthers thirtyone, Seahawks zero.

Within the first seven minutes and twenty seconds of the second half, the Seahawks had scored twice, the second one being a pass by Russell Wilson to Jermaine Kearse for a thirteen yard touchdown making the score thirty-one to fourteen. After a successful fake punt by the Seahawks, what didn’t seem possible at first, they started to believe a comeback was possible. With a minute and twelve left, the Seahawks were able to get a field goal making the score now thirty-one to twenty-four after a catch from Jermaine Kearse that also closed the margin. The Seahawks had to go for it all with an onside kick, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The Seahawks, with an almost amazing comeback, lost to the Panthers with a final score of twenty-four to thirty-one.