By: Taneshia Heineman

Star Wars: The Force Awakens follows in the journey of Rey, a young girl who grew up a slave, on her journey to find Luke Skywalker and once again bring balance to the force.

Fans across the nation have claimed it’s simply a recreation of the first movie as it reintroduces a character who grew up a slave and eventually found themselves to be the chosen one, the only remaining hope for the galaxy. Though some major points were changed, it’s virtually the same idea. This being said, it could be argued that the characters are more important than the plot as they are the ones who show the potential for new ideas and plots to come.

Rey is the main protagonist of The Force Awakens, alongside the legendary Han Solo, Chewbacca and Leia Organa. Also joining them will be some new faces like Poe, a trained x-wing flyer who has spent the majority of his life trying to defeat the darkness that has risen and Finn, an adorkable ex-storm trooper who left the clutches of Kylo Ren in an attempt to live a normal life away from the drama of the Force and all it has to share. Then we have Kylo Ren, a troubled young boy who often lets his anger get the best of him and has clear potential for greatness, not only for the Jedi, but as well for the dark side with his inability to control his anger and tendencies to lash out. Last but certainly not least, we have Supreme Leader Snoke, the newest leader of the Sith.

One of the biggest problems that comes up in the movie is that Rey does not want to take her place as Luke’s apprentice until the very end. The idea of leaving the family she hopes will return for something as trivial and unconventional as becoming the Chosen One causes her great turmoil, though she has long since realized that her family may never return. Speculations fly about her family connections and the possibilities that she is, in fact, Luke Skywalker’s daughter due to her past of being left behind by a family she hardly remembers and not having seen them since the fall of The Jedi. Luke felt he was responsible for the fall and left all of the children he’d been training behind to go into hiding and sulk over what he felt he had done.

Many of the other characters see a great potential within Rey. She is able to use her “Jedi mind tricks” on a stormtrooper to convince him to help her escape Kylo Ren’s torturous questioning. She goes on to make contact with Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and is shown flashes of a different life. Another character claims it has called to her and chosen her as the carrier that is to return it to it’s rightful owner.

All in all, it seems Rey is a highly respected character with buckets of potential. The other characters simply follow her lead and do their best to help her achieve the goals that so called “prophecy” has set for her. Could this be the beginning of another beautiful journey along the border of this well-known franchise? Only time will tell.