By: Cassie Ericson

People all around the world have been waiting for Fallout 4 to come out. When it did, most gamers were disappointed at the ending of the main quest. Most wouldn’t even finish the quest. In the game, there are four groups, but you can only side with one in order to end the quest. In the game, there is the “Institute” which your son is apart of, the “Brotherhood of Steel” which you are loyal to, the “Railroad” which you’re also loyal to, and the “Minutemen” who you have helped throughout the game. Now at the end of the main quest, you have to choose who you want to stay with. If you choose one, you have to kill the other groups and that has been difficult for players everywhere.

North Eugene student Jordan Harris said, “Fallout 4—I found its ending disappointing because unlike all the other Fallout games, you couldn’t end a war peacefully.” Not every gamer thinks the ending is painfully hard to finish. Garrett Kadrmas, who is also a North Eugene student said, “I liked the ending because you got to choose what happened.” That doesn’t mean he is heartless, he just knows that it’s a game.