By: Miriam Egts

Talks surrounding gun laws, rights, and restrictions get heated following killings where a gun is involved. When this happens, who or what gets the blame? The gun and the country’s gun laws. But what about the shooter(s) who held the gun? Let’s just take a second to remember that guns aren’t always bought legally and no matter the amount of restrictions one places on guns, there will always be people selling guns and criminals who won’t take the time to jump through legal hurdles.

When someone is  raging on about gun control and how we need way more of it, ask them if they have any other thoughts that may help lower the rates of massacres and murders in their local area? Most of them will go on about how there is nothing else to do and they may tell tales of faraway places and their “effective” gun laws. However, what country has the highest gun violence rate and what is their gun control like? People must realize that Mexico has one of the highest gun violence rates along with some the strictest gun control laws. More than 53,000 people were murdered with guns despite the strict gun control. Do people ever think of mental health issues? What is triggering the people to make them want to kill?

It’s not the gun laws nor is it the gun. It is the mental state of the shooter, the way they think, the way they view the world. If someone was very determined to kill, they would use any weapon they could get their hands on. So why take away the rights from the sane people trying to protects themselves and their families. America is supposedly a free country and the second amendment reads that every person has the right to bear arms. By taking away the rights of innocent civilians, we wouldn’t be solving any problems, but rather making more controversy.