By Christian Gustafson

Poltergeist is a remake of the 1982 horror flick. It shares a lot of scenes from the original, such as the beloved scene where Carol puts her hands onto the static covered TV screen and says “They’re here.” This Poltergeist begins with a family moving into a haunted house because they have been having money problems after moving in the son in the family starts noticing things going on, but the parents just put it off. The parents finally believe him when their youngest daughter is taken into the closet by the Poltergeists so she could lead them into the light but if she does this she will not be able to return home.

“I hated it because the ghosts in the movie were not scary, but the kids were good actors” Aaron Ketch, sophomore, said.

The movie was honestly not that good because there was barely any scary parts. The ending of the movie also leaves you with a lot of questions and even if they make a sequel to this remake then it could not be anything like the original sequel. This is one of those movies where the promotions are scarier than the actual movie but the part where the father looks into the sink faucet was respectfully good. Overall, this is the type of movie you should wait to see when it is out on DVD.