Being a part of the Peace Corpse is a very interesting and unique experience that can teach you many important lessons and values from around our world and what sorts of lives people have in other parts of the world.

Some pros of being a part of the Peace Corp are: you get to leave your comfort zone and live in a different community where you can learn about their way of life and maybe even a new language. You can learn a whole other language! You can travel the world and live in many different countries. You can also get the satisfaction of helping people in developing countries. If you are having trouble finding a career, then being a part of the Peace Corps will help you tremendously with finding a career that best fits you. If you like challenges, then being in the Peace Corpse is very mentally and physically challenging. In the Peace Corps you will learn more about others and more about yourself.

Some cons of joining the Peace Corp are that it’s a bunch of hard work. You spend a lot of time alone. If you hate feeling lonely than this might not be for you. The poverty and culture of the places you visit can be very eye-opening. You’re visiting some of the poorest places in the world and the shock of their living conditions can be very hard to swallow. Your living conditions won’t be that great either. You might need to suffer through harsh weather, corruption and a lack of knowledge of your surroundings and also a lack of money.

The Peace Corps is a very challenging experience that could be very rewarding. Are you up to the challenge?