By Sami Donovan

Saturday, May 6th, the graduating class of 2015 walked in the warm 90 degree weather to officially be done with high school and move onto the real world. Seniors still aren’t fully accepting their graduation and not ready for the change that is about to come. Though some are very ready to move on with their lives even though they’re already missing the memories. Many seniors are already aware of what it is they want to do once the summer ends, many are going off to college, while others are staying close to home and going to Lane Community College.

Jenny Henshaw was “terrified, excited” about graduating and was worried she didn’t wear the right dress for the ceremony. “I’m really scared. I’m not ready for life” she said Friday before graduation day.

The day of graduation Luis Ramon stated multiple times that it “feels weird to graduate.”

Seniors started rehearsals at 9 in the morning Saturday and the ceremony started around 3 o’clock that afternoon at Swede Johnson Stadium (the baseball stadium at North Eugene High School).

Carson Frost, North Eugene’s 2014-2015 ASB President welcomed everyone and started off the ceremony followed by Casandra Kamens, Principle of North Eugene. A few students gave speeches such as Tyee Williams, Karla Mercado-Severiano and Cynthia Ochoa Cuevas and a poem by Claire Petitt. There was also performances by that graduating band members playing “Saturday in the Park” by Robert Lamm and Levi Brown singing “The Call” by Regina Spektor. Awards were also presented and then diplomas were handed out. It was then official and they threw their decorated caps into the air.

Afterwards graduated seniors took pictures with friends and families then went to go to their grad parties with their friends and families.

Seniors then went to north at 9 pm. for their grad party that goes on until June 7th, 3:30am where they could sumo wrestle in fat suits, gamble for candy and so much more. The seniors had a grand time at their grad party at International Fitness.