Allica Derry

As the temperature rises people and pets are struggling to keep cool. Not all rivers are rising in temperature though, many are still around 50 degrees. Your best bet is to take your pets and go to a lake to cool off. If you plan on taking your pet with you on a road trip make sure to stop regularly to let your pet out and give them lots of water. If your staying inside keep your blinds (or curtains) closed and try not to turn on every electric machine in the house. Also, as everyone always says, drink plenty of water, if you do go out take a water bottle along. Don’t keep your pets in the car for long periods of time either, they can easily get overheated in about ten minutes or less.

Just be sure to choose wisely on where you go to cool off and how long you’re leaving a pet or sibling in the car. Drink plenty of water on a regular basis, same goes for your pets. Try leaving your windows open at night to let the cooler air in and shut them in the morning. If you need a cheap fan check out one of the second hand shops. If you keep your house dark then the house is more likely to be cooler. If you don’t already move your pet’s food and water inside if possible (at least the water). Keep an eye on your pets and make sure you brush them. This time of year they tend to shed a lot but they sometimes not all they’re shedded hair actually comes off of them without a good brushing. Keep hydrated or eat some popsicles to stay cool.