By Connor Wagner

Trade schools are like college but they’re smaller and only educate you on one job. Some jobs they prepare you for are jobs like painters, electricians, plumbers, mechanics and more. Trade schools are a great alternative for college, but there are some cons to trade schools as well.

Some pros to trade schools are that it’s usually cheaper than most colleges. Also, trade schools are great for people with busy schedules because class schedules are very flexible. You also know what you’re getting yourself into. If you don’t like surprises then go to a trade school. You’ll know what you’re learning, what classes you’re taking, and what job you’re majoring. Finally, you spend less time at a trade school than you do at most colleges.

Some cons to trade schools are that it could be misleading because not all trade schools are cheaper than going to college. Depending on what career you want to pursue depends on how much it’s gonna cost. You’re not guaranteed a job. After all your hard work preparing for your dream job you could end up with nothing.

Trade schools are quick and easy but don’t guarantee jobs or cheaper education. In some cases you can gain a lot from trade schools but for some cases it can lead you to nowhere.