By Connor Wagner

Being a part of the military can be very rewarding. You get the pride and honor of serving your country in war. However there are some cons to joining the military also.

Some pros to joining the military are that after you’re done serving you may get financial help for college. You will also always be paid during your time in the military. Unlike other jobs where money may not always be guaranteed, it could be very comforting to know that every month you’ll have a check in your account. You are always guaranteed money even if you don’t perform well. You will also get free rent for serving. Joining the military is also like a free vacation–you get to travel the world for no cost at all. After the stress of serving in the military, it will be reassuring to know that you now get a military discount. This discount works almost anywhere all you have to do is ask if they have a military discount and if they do, you will be charged less. Finally, after you’re done serving, if you want to take a vacation it would be cheaper because you don’t have to worry about flight money because all military flights on cargo planes to US bases in other countries are free if there’s room on the flight.

Some cons to joining the military are that age doesn’t determine your rank, experience does, which means someone younger than you can boss you around and you have to listen. Also you get free health care. If you are hurt during battle, a medic will help you at the fastest rate he can. Which means it could be very sloppy work, he could mess up during surgery, and it could cause long-term damages. Since the health care is free you can’t sue because you signed a contract. Speaking of contracts, you can’t quit either, since you signed a contract to serve four years. This means you can’t just quit when you feel like it, you have to wait until your contract is up.

In the end, the pressure off war can be grueling, but the end results could be all worth it for some. Whether or not it was worth it is just a matter of opinions. If the military is not for you then there are many other alternatives to consider before you decide whether or not you want to embark on a college journey.