By Connor Wagner

The Eurasian Conference was an all day event for sophomores in the Global Studies B class. The conference is an event that covers a lot of tough issues like the Oil in the Caspian Sea, child labor, South China Sea, landmines, carbon tax, nuclear proliferations, and the Palestine and Israel land problem.

Although the conference was suppose to be “educational” it still left a-lot of students uninterested and bored. This problem was probably due to the many factors that made a conference a failure. The two biggest factors was that the conference was very long and repetitive and the fact that it was basically rigged for the U.S.A team to win. The U.S.A  team started out with 9,500 points when the majority of countries had 600-1,000 points. In the end students were so frustrated that groups were giving all their points to Sweden just so America wouldn’t win.

Students were also irritated at the lunch arrangements. Kids who ordered sack lunches were highly disappointed when their lunches didn’t arrive on time because the teachers didn’t write down the correct number of students who needed one.

They had an adult stationed at the door at the conference. They were very strict about leaving during the conference. Even at lunch they wouldn’t let kids leave, we were basically prisoners. One student was outraged at the fact that she couldn’t bring her phone with her to the bathroom so she quickly shoved her phone in her bra so it wouldn’t be detected by the hawk-like staff that had all eyes on us at all times. I was just anticipating them to put up metal detectors and to start doing pat downs because this was ridiculous.

The thoughtless seniors came to “help out” but really they just left a huge mess and stole food from people’s tables. They were also distracting kids from focusing on the conference because they were flaunting around like a kid in a candy shop.

Student Sarah Diess said that throughout the whole conference she felt “out of it and confused.” I think an abundance of students would agree with this statement because halfway through the conference half the kids we zoned out from boredom. In the end I wanted to crawl under my table, curl up into a ball, and cry until it was over.

The purpose of the event was to simulate how countries could work together to decide on difficult situations and events. However, I don’t think the conference achieved these goals due to the issues above.