Allica Derry

Some people are deciding to vote for Hillary just because she is a female. But, what else does she have to offer? Not much that you can find at least. Hillary doesn’t clearly write anywhere on her site of what she has to offer. Now, what does Hillary have to do to actually persuade voters?

She may have to do a lot. Hillary has to keep her previous voters and obtain new voters that are college aged or a little older. She still has to appeal to those youths and minorities and pay attention to those that Obama had won over in the previous campaign.

Her main problem though is keeping up to date with her information. She has to make this campaign better than her 2008 campaign and really focus on those people that she wasn’t able to sway to her side the last time she ran. She has to be able to count on her employees to get every bit of information she needs to win the election. But, she also has to deal with all of her baggage. Whether it’s her husband, or Benghazi she needs to get it out of the way and not let it damage her campaign. Hillary’s baggage could sway a lot of people towards other candidates. Bill Clinton’s impressions on some Americans could start to affect Hillary and her campaign just because she’s associated with him. When people and the press were asking about her emails they were asking more about the Benghazi incident, thinking that the emails would shed some light on what happened and why.

At the time Hillary was only releasing her statements based upon the current information she had, at that point she only knew that there was riots, she did not have more current information on the attacks. The media isn’t concerned with this topic anymore but, how many people are going to vote for someone else just because of the scandal. Who is going to vote for her just because she is a woman? How many people will vote for her because they believe in what she wants to do? How many people will vote for Sanders instead if they’re democratic?

But, what about Carly Fiorina, she’s a woman, why not vote for her if you want a female president? She has her goals out there and has an amazing track record.

Hillary has the foundation, but her track record is littered with scandals. You shouldn’t just vote for someone because of their gender, you need to know what they have to offer and what they plan to do to help the countries’ people.