Allica Derry

Some North students are now starting to push for gender neutral bathrooms to be installed throughout North and in the rest of 4j schools. Currently there are designated bathrooms for anyone who is uncomfortable using the open bathrooms, but you have to ask the office for the keys every time. That causes an inconvenience for anyone who needs to use those bathrooms and it interrupts the student’s learning. Student’s safety and comfort should be the most important things to the school and its staff. Students who don’t fit into the gender normalities have every right to feel comfortable and safe at their school. All students should be able to feel comfortable using a bathroom and shouldn’t be harassed because they identify differently. At home everyone uses the same bathroom, so why not at school?

Various Oregon schools have already installed single stalled bathrooms for anyone to use. Some school’s bathrooms only took some remodeling to accommodate students. Most schools across the country send students to use the staff bathrooms or a designated bathroom where they also have to get a key from the office. Which again is an inconvenience for the students. Students might just not use the bathroom because they are uncomfortable and don’t want to take class time to find a bathroom that they can use.

There is a petition for getting gender neutral bathrooms into North and the rest of 4j: