Allica Derry

As the temperature gets warmer more polar bears are starting to migrate south and mate with grizzlies. The polar bears numbers are starting to decline so they can move about in smaller groups to find more territory. Currently most pizzlies and they’re counterparts reside on Canadian Islands. Pizzly bears sound cool but it can mess with an environment and its diversity. Then you have global warming which is leading to the polar bears migration and the unbalanced environments. Lately grizzlies have been moving up to mate with the polar bears which causes an odd environment there. Grizzlies will eat seals and fish causing them to get bigger than usually and when they mate with a polar bear the offspring get an odd coloration.

At one point in time grizzlies and polar bears were on species and that could be where they are headed again. Pizzlies aren’t the only new arctic hybrid, many other species have also been mating as they move south so they have more living grounds. Many animals are simply just moving around and mating because their habitats can’t provide them with the resources they need anymore.