By Connor Wagner

In a time where oil is a drastically needed resource there will be drastic means to find oil. Oil companies are in a hot pursuit for new oil exports. The desperate search for oil has shown up in the great state of Alaska. The oil drilling has brought up environmental concerns for the animals and other arctic life.

Oil companies are also on the look out for oil in the Antarctic and northern parts of Canada. This means the whole Northern Arctic is at risk of the harmful effects of oil rigs.

More and more countries are requesting oil. America itself is the biggest oil consumer. Which means we have the most imports. We also have a lot of exports for countries that can’t get oil on there own. Our exports to other countries has sprung up much controversy.

People are furious with oil companies because they feel like there getting oil stolen from their country. People are asking why is the U.S. giving away our oil when it is needed. The answer could be because we get imports for several other countries.

Even though the controversy of the oil is a huge problem many people are not educated on the issue. Vallery Cornejo, junior, said that she is not educated enough on the problem at hand to make an accurate opinion on the situation. Logan King, sophomore said he didn’t care because it doesn’t involve him. Connor Woolcott, sophomore, said he doesn’t care because it’s not a problem. It is very evident that the oil issues is not very vocal in the U.S.