By Jason Neet

Ed Sheeran’s latest Album X (pronounced “multiply”) has seventeen songs on it, and the whole album is a little over one hour. The album was released on June 20, 2014 in New Zealand and Australia and worldwide on June 23 through Asylum Records and Atlantic Records. The Deluxe Edition costs $10.99 and the Standard Edition costs $9.99 on his online store ( This album has a very pop music sound to it.

The album gained a lot of positivity from music critics around the world. It reached twenty one on US Billboard Records at the end of 2014, and number one on UK Albums Chart.

Ed Sheeran released five singles from this album: “Sing, ” “Don’t,” “Thinking Out Loud,” “Bloodstream,” and “Photograph.” The first single on the album “Sing” is a slowish song while “Don’t” and “Thinking Out Loud” are more upbeat style songs. “Bloodstream” and “Photograph” are also very pop songs as well. Sheeran sings and plays his music commonly with an acoustic guitar. Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud” made it to number two on US Billboard Top 100 and number one on UK Singles chart. Sheeran’s other singles on the album made it very high on the lists as well.

Sophomore, Logan King says, “I don’t care” when asked about what he thinks of Ed Sheeran. While Sophomore, Destiny Christensen when asked about Ed Sheeran says she likes him and is actually going to one of his concerts.