By Sami Donovan

Recently there has been many questions about the Black Lives Matter movement. Students and teachers are invited to come to the choir room Wednesday, May 27, during fourth period and listen to speakers talk about what it’s like to be black in Oregon and to educate many about Oregon history. This is an event for students to listen and hear experiences, not to debate. It is for students to show Highlander Pride and be respectful to the speakers. This is not an event students have to go to, it’s their choice and students/teachers that do not wish to go are fine, and teachers taking their classes to the event should remind their students they do not have to go and can instead do work in the library.

There are many events going on with many participating schools in the 4j district, ECCO and Churchill are all having the same movements and there is also talk about those schools having a walk-out Thursday which is expected to happen at North Eugene, but there has not been much talk due to most of this being kept quiet in fear of more angry parents showing up upset about North Eugene’s “Black Lives Matter” board displayed in the attendance office. On Thursday, May 28th, ECCO and CHS at 12:30 are reciting poetry and reading the names of lives lost and art exhibit that North participants will be going to. North students are invited to go.

Many North Eugene students are unaware of the Black Lives Matter due to the posters not being seen too often and teachers not mentioning it besides the few that plan to take their classes to the event like Mr. Rosenberg, a math teacher at North Eugene, who is giving his students the choice to come or do work in the library, but suggests students go and show North pride.

Friday the 29th North Eugene will have classroom visits by Gyasi Ross from 9:10 to 10:20 before he goes to CHS from 1:30 to 2:45 then he heads over to LCC Long House to talk from 6:30-9. He is a black father, author, lawyer and storyteller that is presenting to students and having an album released.
North Eugene students and are encouraged to participate in the Black Lives Matter Movement. Posters are found around the school and any questions can be answered by Ana Flores.