Renee Martin

Taylor Swift released a music video on her song “Bad Blood” last Sunday, filled with explosions, weapons, punches, and female celebrities. The video starts off with Taylor Swift, her alter ego called “Catastrophe”, and Selena Gomez, “Arsyn”, fighting suit and tied men in an office space. Then, Gomez pushes Swift out of the window and she lands on a car, an image strikingly similar to the famed “Beautiful Suicide” picture of Evelyn McHale who jumped from the Empire State building and landed on a limousine. Whether or not Swift intended to reference the viral photo, the video continues with more explosions, punching, and female celebrities.

Among the celebrities that made a cameo are Ellie Goulding, Hayley Williams, Jessica Alba, and Zendaya. All of them have an alter ego name, all are clad in black, and all are part of Swift’s fight club. We see in the video these alter egos train for the battle against Selena Gomez’s team who have masks over their faces, giving them no identity. The training included throwing knifes at teddy bears, battling in a boxing match, and testing out various weapons some of which are disguised as beauty products.

Ellie Goulding cameo-d as missile bearing “Destructa X”, an ironic name for Ed Sheeran’s ex-girlfriend who had a song written about her on his Album “X”. Everyone else’s names were not as ironic though, some don’t even make sense, such as “Domino” or “Homeslice”.

The video was also a remix from the original song. The song in the video features Kendrick Lamar who raps the verses that were originally Swift’s verses and changes them into his own verses.

Apparently, the song Bad Blood song is aimed at Katy Perry because her and Swift had a falling out. The message of the song and the video is that you’re either with or against Taylor Swift.

Overall, Taylor Swift sent her message loud and clear: she can do whatever she wants and she will. The video is basically a montage of Swift showing that she has people who support her, specifically powerful female celebrities.