By Connor Wagner

Wanna have a fun summer day swimming in a lake, well you can’t. Lost Lake in Oregon is a lake that disappears during the summer and comes back in the winter. How you may ask? By a volcanic lava tube that formed a sink hole. The water flows down the hole and fills an underground water supply.

A spokeswoman Jude McHugh from the forest that the lake is located in said that the underground water supply is what maintains the hot springs all over the Bend area in Oregon. So, in this way it’s almost a good thing that the lake disappears because if it doesn’t then it won’t replenish other water supplies in the area. Once summer ends and winter begins to  roll around you can see the lake fill back up from all the rain and melted snow. It’s like the body of water was never really gone.

However there is mad panic over the fact that each year the water level continues to decrease. Monitor’s of the lake think there could possibly be a drought at the lake. Lost lake is not the only lake that has been drying out many other lakes around the country have been drying out too.

People have tried to plug the hole with many different objects. Some objects used to try and plug the hole are car parts and other large objects. This however is highly discouraged because it will mess with the natural flow of the water system or it could flood the area.

The lake has been a hot topic of interest. Student Nathan Souza said the lake was fascinating and he would love to hear more. Scientist are very fascinated by the lake too.

If you want to find the lost lake, it is located in Bend Oregon. Its near Hoodoo and located south west from Hood River. If you want to learn more about holes in the ground read Jason Neet’s article called “Where’s my Land” –it’s about sinkholes.