By Sami Donovan

This year (2015) Miho, North Eugene’s culinary teacher, got a group of 16 students to go to Florida to visit Disney World and learn hands on with Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School for four days and enjoy this experience with other high schools across the country. This is an experience nobody will ever forget.

Students left Wednesday, May 13th for Florida and arrived back in town Monday, May 18th. The students were planning for this trip at the beginning of the school year and have been getting excited ever since. May 11th, Brenna Jessing, sophomore, said “it’s almost breathtaking to think we are leaving so soon. The time flew by.”

“It’s an amazing feeling to know I worked so hard to achieve a goal that is giving me an amazing experience I would have otherwise not been able to do,” said by sophomore, Celeste Beveridge, who is also going on the trip to Florida.

Thursday when the students landed in Florida, they had that full day to spend in the parks. The students were amazed by the sights they saw and the experiences they had. Students had Thursday to spend the days in the parks and go on rides and spend the day at Magic Kingdom, but waiting to get used to the hot, humid weather and the lack of fresh clean Oregon water.

In Florida, these students got to explore all of Disney World and learn how they grow their foods, cook hands on with Le Cordon Bleu and hear the stories of the success of workers. Students get to “visit” countries around the world and learn their different cultures from people actually from that country. Each students received a chef coat from Le Cordon Bleu Cook Around the World.
The students enjoyed the Cook Around the World experience and enjoyed the food and parks. It is an experience they won’t forget and many students are looking forward to going again.