By Connor Wagner                                                                                   

If you enter North Eugene’s Glass Lounge you can see the most hideous piece of trash hanging from the ceiling known as the whale. Last year the whale was attacked. The attack left the whale split into two. In a desperate attempt to salvage the whale the school decide to sloppily tape the whale pieces together. However, they failed to tape the whale correctly so now the tape is beginning to come off and the whale’s fins now face each other which means that if this whale was alive it wouldn’t be able to swim so it would drown and die!!!

Why was the whale made? According to a so-called “plaque,” that really is a one-dollar frame with a piece of paper in it that constantly is getting knocked off the wall or is hung crooked from its weak nail, it’s an orca whale that is supposed to be raising awareness for pollution in our ocean from plastic materials like bottles, However, who even knows if she got her trash materials from the ocean and not the garbage.

There are rumors that a new whale is in the process of being made. I think this an awesome idea. The whale is far overdue for a replacement. A new whale is a great opportunity for the school to hold a contest to make a new whale and I’m sure that tons of the artistry kids that attend North would love to create the new art to replace the whale. The school could even have a small reward for the whale. They could have a cash prize or maybe free tickets to a school event like a play or dance.

Many kids at North have shared their opinions on the whale. Sierra Willhite, junior, said she would love to see new art in the school and that she wants the whale to be replaced with a dinosaur. Kenzy Jewel, sophomore, said it’s a hunk of junk that has room for improvement. Alec Welch, sophomore, says it’s ugly. Out of the ten people I asked only two had positive feedback about the whale.

The whale is dangerous and it needs to be taken down. Parts of the whale have fallen off and the tape is starting to unravel so it could just be a matter of time before the whale falls.qhale