By: Christian Gustafson

Hollywood Undead is a rap-rock band that performs in masks and uses pseudonyms. The band started in 2005 by members J-dog and former member Deuce, Deuce was later voted out of  the band and replaced with Danny. The band’s music is about political correctness, some songs are about women who are childish and others are about their own childhoods living in the city of Hollywood and how they grew up. The band’s first record was titled “Swan Songs” they had signed with A&M/Octone in 2008. On April 5, 2011 the band released their second album American Tragedy. By that time Deuce was removed from the band and new member Danny had joined the band. Two years after releasing American Tragedy Hollywood Undead released Notes From the Underground. This album went number two on the charts.

Hollywood Undead released the Day of The Dead album on February 17th.

“It’s good. My favorite song is “Day of The Dead.” The album makes me feel less lonely,” says Dakotah Heineman sophomore.

All of the songs that are included in the album are amazing but there is one song that sticks out, “Guzzle Guzzle.” This song does not seem to fit in with the album, it would have been better to have been in Notes From the Undead. The songs in Day of the Dead all are good and have really good vibes. The band’s musical skills have improved a lot since they started in 2005.

“They have a few good songs but some of them are bad” said Aaron Katch sophomore.

Along with the new album, they also have made new masks except for Charlie Scene. He still wears the same Hollywood Undead bandana, glasses, and hat that we all love. The masks have changed a little for some of the members such as for Danny he usually has a gold mask with facial features and a cross on the eye, but in this album he is wearing a gold chain mail mask with a faint cross on the eye. Johnny Three Tears’s mask is white and blue and the three that is usually on his mask is on his cheek, it does not glow. Funny Man’s mask is in resemblance to American Tragedie’s masks except there is a L.A. instead of H.U. on it. J-dog’s mask is mainly supposed to be a combination of all his old masks. Charlie Scene’s changed so that the art on his bandana changed to a black with the city of L.A on it. Da Kurlzz mask is a mixture of Swan Songs and Notes From the Undead.