By Sami Donovan

Foundation, lipstick, mascara; normal beauty products were once worn daily, but now beauty has taken a major turn. If you ask multiple girls about their makeup routine, some keep it short and sweet, others will list 20+ products and go into full detail on how it is done exactly. The term ‘beauty guru’ is very popular now, especially on the internet and websites like YouTube. Girls are starting to wear makeup at a younger age more and more each year, as well as being very talented at it.

Young girls are finding many figures to look up to, like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Zendaya and even YouTubers like Bethany Mota or Zoella (Zoe Sugg). Celebrities and media bring so much attention to what so many girls want to be. Kylie Jenner; a 17-year-old model that is famous from the well known Kim Kardashian. Kylie is an inspiration to so many teenage girls, and even some boys that find her beautiful, but what everyone thinks about when they see Kylie is her full lips.

The “Kylie Jenner Challenge,” a ‘diy lip plumper’ where you put your lips to a bottle and suck the air out, hoping all goes well for you and your lips are fuller than ever. Many have tried this challenge, hoping to have big full lips like Kylie but things end up going terribly wrong. There are quite a bit of gruesome pictures and videos of young teens lips being ripped open or bruised from the swelling. Young girls have even tried this challenge using shot glasses, but after sucking the air out of the glass, the pressure becomes too much and the glass shatters and then these girls are left with damaged lips.

Kylie Jenner is only 17, and while she is famous and a model, she has gotten six or more plastic surgery procedures. Kylie has stated in a couple interviews that she was tired of her sisters getting the attention because they had already had plastic surgery and were all seen as beautiful. Kylie had enough and talked her mom, Kris Jenner, into letting her get plastic surgery to ‘enhance her beauty.’

Seven-year-old Samantha Shaw got plastic surgery that many do not count because it was her ears. Samantha’s mom said she wanted to have Samantha get the procedure because she was said to be bullied at school, but Samantha told interviewer Juju Chang that she hasn’t been bullied.

“Parents are just worried about their kids being ugly and do things like plastic surgery to change their appearance to make them the ‘perfect child’” Renee Martin said after watching the ABC news broadcast on Samantha and her procedure done for free by Dr. Steven Pearlman.

Young girls around the world are dealing with high standards of society and social media. The ‘perfect’ women to so many is those who have been under the knife, those that are skinny and have flawless skin and perfect makeup and hair. Teenagers are becoming self conscious about their appearance and are looking up to their role models, celebrities that always look ‘perfect’ to so many. Men see these girls as sexy while girls wish to be just like them. From young girls feeling this way, it makes many want to become like them, even if it harms them or ruins their appearance.