By Sami Donovan

The Oregon Coast Culinary Institute had their annual culinary competition on 2015 April 10th and 11th. Many high schools in Oregon like North Eugene, South Eugene and Willamette all went to compete against each other in hopes to win the title of first place and the prize. Each member of the North team received $4000 scholarship to the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute, plus the team received $500 to purchase equipment for the Culinary program.

Each team had to make three courses. The first course had to be an appetizer, soup or salad. The second course was the entree, and the entree had to have seafood as the protein. The final course was dessert. North Eugene’s menu was; appetizer was a pan seared scallop on blue corn polenta and corn succotash roasted red pepper vinaigrette. Their Entree was pan roasted sturgeon with spring vegetables, saffron cheese lettuce and crab beurre blanc. For dessert North made a marionberry crumble with a sand dollar short bread cookie and hazelnut ice cream.

There was five teams competing against each other for first place, which North Eugene won for the second year in a row. Second place went to South Eugene and third place was given to Willamette.

“You never realize how fast an hour goes by. It’s a lot more lenient compared to prostart.” Alfonso Trujillo, a member of the culinary team said, “It was cool to see how everyone made their own dishes but it felt really good to win. I know that next year there will be a lot of pressure because were going to win first again and get first place three years in a row. I’m excited for next year but it makes me sad that the season is over. I’m going to miss my team but I’m super excited for next year.The experience itself was pretty much a blur. You basically have tunnel vision throughout the whole competition cause I really can’t remember anything but panicking because time was running out.”