By Christian Gustafson

They play ukuleles but they play your music.

“I like how they learn songs that have meaning to them” said librarian Honore Pazdral.

The North Eugene Ukulele Orchestra is an orchestra for people who play the ukulele, if you do not play the ukulele you can learn in the orchestra. The ukulele orchestra was started by Aaron Thomas when he started teaching at North Eugene. He played the ukulele for a long time and one of his students asked if he could teach her how to play. The student had a friend who could play and then the ukulele orchestra was started. Some types of music that the orchestra also plays is inde music, 80’s pop, country, and cover songs.

This one is best









Two songs that the North Eugene ukulele orchestra plays are “Road On or Wagon Wheel,” but these are not the only songs they play in the orchestra. A couple of shows that the Ukulele orchestra are going to play are May 9th at Cosmic Pizza and April 17th day of silence at North Eugene High School.

Do not worry, if you do join the orchestra you will have enough time to work on school assignments. The ukuleles come from Joe Ebbens and Mele Ohona, you may also donate as much money as you please to the orchestra. You can find the ukulele orchestra’s music on a few different websites such as Facebook, MySpace,YouTube and Soundcloud. Future plans for the orchestra are that they want to play bigger shows and to make a new album in 2016.









“I believe that Aaron Thomas deserves a $1,000  bonus and that the orchestra should play in the Harrisburg 4th of July parade,” said Aaron Schermerhorn.